A little chubby or wildly obese, one thing is always true: fat is funny. Thanks for the laughs, fast food industry.

You Are Not a Foodie, You Are Just a Fatty
Fat Guy Wins Running Race and Falling Contest
Sign Judges Those Who Take the Escalator
Girl in Tiny Shorts Has Huge Muffin Top
Fat Little Mermaid
Fat Guy Flying Kick
Her Warmup is Your Workout
Two Fans Fit in One Fat Pitcher's Pants
Large Man Scares Swimmer
Welcome to America
Super Bowl Commercial: Volkswagon Fat Dog Loses Weight
Thumb Guy at a Party
Fat and Ugly Gym Ad
Lady Eats Nothing but Cheesy Potatoes for 30 Years
Beautiful Cover of Katy Perry's "ET"
Crazy Mickey the Beeper King

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