Sometimes there's no other way to settle a dispute than with punching and kicking. Fighting is the ultimate match of physical dominance. If you can wrestle, box, kickbox or ultimate fight someone into the ground, you can get whatever you want. Only the strong survive.

    Cop Walks in on Robbery in Progress
    MMA Off-the-Cage Kick in the Face
    Old Man Invulnerable to Shovels
    Unfortunate Coke Zero Product Placement
    Live Indian TV News Fight
    One-Sided Football Fight
    The Craziest Sports Knockouts in History
    Courageous Rat Fights Off Four Cats
    Ashton Kutcher Punks TMZ
    Kitten Teaches Parrot a Lesson
    Evil Hamster Attack
    Cat Fights Metronome, Metronome Wins
    Michael Jackson's "Beat it" (Without Music)
    One-Man Ninja Army Takes on Entire Police Force
    Creature Combat IV: Slaughter House

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