Sometimes there's no other way to settle a dispute than with punching and kicking. Fighting is the ultimate match of physical dominance. If you can wrestle, box, kickbox or ultimate fight someone into the ground, you can get whatever you want. Only the strong survive.

    When Cute Animals Attack
    This Is Crazy

    This Is Crazy

    Fat Spider-Man
    Kid and Dog Lightsaber Battle
    Little Girl Slams Brother into Mud
    Minotaur Vs. Lawyer Duel
    Woman Who Punched Bear in the Face
    Rabbit Attacks Cat
    13 Crazy Animal Fights
    Fast Food Ninja Fight
    Yearbook Picture Punch
    Facebook Grammar Fight
    Epic Dr. Seuss
    Pluto just sounds so much cuter than Ceres though.
    Obviously the mythical narwhal wins the battle.

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