Fire: heat so hot it burst into flames. We're not talking warm. Fire is a raging inferno of temperature. If you can't stand it, put it out. You probably should put it out before it burns something. It's pretty dangerous.

    Sexy Firemen Save the Day
    Regret Everything: Strategies For Murder, #750-754
    Emergency Phone is Out of Order
    Football Player Farts Fire
    Fire Tornadoes Exist and We're All Doomed
    In Case of Fire Toast Marshmallows
    The Best Way to Beat the Heat
    Visit Lake County Even When It's on Fire
    Grill on Fire in the Pool
    Extreme Fire Hazard, Don't Even Fart in the Forest
    Burning House in the Middle of a Flood
    Hardly Working: Fire Warden
    "Inferno" Trailer on Fire
    Laundry on Fire
    Marshmallow Burned at Stake

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