Fire: heat so hot it burst into flames. We're not talking warm. Fire is a raging inferno of temperature. If you can't stand it, put it out. You probably should put it out before it burns something. It's pretty dangerous.

    Traffic Light on Fire
    Emergency Rave
    Lawn Mower on Fire
    Olympic Torch Flame Goes Out
    Group Gathered around Guy Whose Hair is on Fire
    15 Of The Best Tweets About Tyler Perry's Studio Fire
    What Happens When You Order a Salad at McDonald's
    Fire Truck Catches on Fire
    Fire Tornado
    No Smoking Sign Has Unusual Exception
    Epic Trolling by Turkish Soccer Fans
    Rowdy Fans End Polish Kids Soccer Match
    Cool Racecar Crash Escape
    Cooking Pasta Fail
    Drawing Tries Its Best to Evade Death

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