Food is delicious, tasty, savory, filling, fun to cook, and even more fun to scarf or chow down, but most importantly, it's life-sustaining. Who cares if it's chewy, spicy, burnt, hale, hearty, healthy, or fattening--it's food, eat it.

    If You Choke to Death on a Hot Dog, That is Natural Selection
    The Most Important Pizza Invention Ever
    Terrifyingly Realistic White Chocolate Baby Heads
    Kid Really Satisfied by Ice Cream
    Starving Children or Value Meal?
    How to Eat Corn in 10 Seconds
    Giant Lindor Truffle
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    Otter Says Grace Before Eating
    Grandma Has Too Much Bacon
    Insane Japanese Candy Making
    Dog Loses It Over Beggin' Strip
    Face + Eggplant? Faceplant!
    Hot Turkey Call News Blooper
    Hostess Closes Down

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