Food is delicious, tasty, savory, filling, fun to cook, and even more fun to scarf or chow down, but most importantly, it's life-sustaining. Who cares if it's chewy, spicy, burnt, hale, hearty, healthy, or fattening--it's food, eat it.

    Cheesy Puffs Offered in Buffet Line
    Bacon is Now a Delicious, Meaty Fruit
    Hardly Working: Guy Fieri's Bad News
    These Donuts Are Just Alright
    Very Mary-Kate: Dinner with Hoffman
    Life Sized Chocolate Bruce Willis in Celebration of New Die Hard
    Ordering a Salad with Every Topping Prank
    Introducing Lay's Chip's Top Three Flavor Finalists
    Every Fancy Restaurant Ever
    Doritos and Mountain Dew Soup Will Give You Cancer
    Valentine's Meat
    Scumbag Emeril
    Lady Eats Ice Cream While Working Out
    Oreo Faced Woman Will Haunt All Your Dreams
    Mario Falls on Hard Times, Starts Delivering Pizzas

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