Food is delicious, tasty, savory, filling, fun to cook, and even more fun to scarf or chow down, but most importantly, it's life-sustaining. Who cares if it's chewy, spicy, burnt, hale, hearty, healthy, or fattening--it's food, eat it.

Honest Meal Plans
Novak Djokovic Buys World Supply of Donkey Cheese
Thank You Letter to Jewish People
Horse Cookie Doesn't Come Out as Expected
Buy Some Crap
Dog Wants Souls, Not Food
Drink Label Says to Chill for Best Results
Subway Sells Sandwiches
Important Memo Regarding Fro-Yo Sampling Guidelines
Food Products That Shouldn't Exist
Toothpaste Dinner Mints
Dirty Orange Juice Ad
Espresso Boobs
If You Choke to Death on a Hot Dog, That is Natural Selection
The Most Important Pizza Invention Ever
Terrifyingly Realistic White Chocolate Baby Heads

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