Aerial View of Landscape Looks Like Butt
    11 FANCY Dolla Dolla Bills (Y'all)
    50 Shades of Green
    Guy in Green Suit on Green Scooter
    Environment-Friendly Waste
    The Psychotic Earth Day Spokesman
    That's boogers.
    Santa has gone crazy and rolled around in elf blood.
    "Someone, somehow managed to put a green toilet atop the 4-story-high clock tower of the NMT Library. there are no stairs leading to the top of the tower, and it is 2 stories taller the the library itself."
    "Turns out you CAN have too much green beer on St. Patrick's Day.  This is real- trust me, I'm gonna be a doctor." That doesn't explain the orange glow affect on the rim...
    He comes out of that a mutant turtle.
    "He just found out it's permanent marker."
    Oh pickup truck owners, why are you all so crazy?

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