halloween 2006

    "The armor comes in 8 separate pieces; shin guards, girdle, metal sword, chest plates, wrist guards, cape, shoulders pads, and helmet. 63 cans total, 2 in shin guards, 22 in the legs, 30 in the chest, and 9 in the helmet, and about 15-20 Keystone boxes. T
    They're all single, ladies.
    No thanks great Wizard, I've already gotten my wish.
    This is also how Bush won man of the year.
    Curious George Goes To University
    "I dressed as Stephen Colbert for Halloween.  I made a way too elaborate "C" shaped desk.  I used twine and safety pins to keep it suspended around me all night.  Also, I held The Word sign up all night.  That is, until I passed out on my couch."
    "Why did you marry the guy?""He makes me laugh."

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