Halloween is by far the most important of college holidays. Sure, the day after finals are done comes as a close second, but this is the one and only time that everyone bands together to go to Wal-Mart hours before and not spend over 15 dollars on a costume.

    License and registration, chicken fucker.
    The children are our future!
    Where's Catwoman?
    It's a moustached boy!
    A Toyota pirate ship.
    Dead babies.
    It's working, sort of.
    "One cardboard box, three coats of paint, one thong, and three condoms later: I was a 'one-nightstand' for Halloween." Friend, you are either 3 months early or 9 months late. You decide.
    Why are none of the other kids even in costume?
    Fire! Earth! Wind! Water! Heart!

    Nothing found...

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