Watching other people do insane, awesome, dangerous stuff that you can't do - though, wait, maybe you can do that? - is the world's favorite pastime. (And, no, you shouldn't try that at home. You will fail.)

    Ninja Turtles are the only thing Banksy's missing
    For lovers of Muppets and air tube manipulation
    What are the odds this was conceived under the influence
    Trailer for 'The Baby Identity'
    Totally worth the diabetes
    You're Ctrl+Alt+Dlting me, Smalls
    As if owning a nerf gun wouldn't be badass enough...
    Got a light? And a few hours of free time?
    Nothing says nerdy like Star Trek and knitting
    Luke, use it as a fort
    Having a 'To Do' list this epic is on my 'To Do' list

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