Watching other people do insane, awesome, dangerous stuff that you can't do - though, wait, maybe you can do that? - is the world's favorite pastime. (And, no, you shouldn't try that at home. You will fail.)

Ghostbuster Backflips Over Cop
Smooth First Date Move
High School Football Player Flips Over Defense
Hexaflexamexican Food
How to Pick Up a Girl at the Gym
Michael Phelps Sinks a 153-foot Putt
Insane Dodgeball Kill
30 Yard Behind the Back TD Pass
High School Homecoming of Biblical Proportions
8-Year-Old Football Player is the Greatest in the Land
Keg Stand Granny
Paralympian Makes an Incredible Table Tennis Shot
Woman Steals Case of Cans by Hiding it Under Her Dress
The Real Ultimate Warrior
Amazing Dog Will Fetch You a Beer

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