Watching other people do insane, awesome, dangerous stuff that you can't do - though, wait, maybe you can do that? - is the world's favorite pastime. (And, no, you shouldn't try that at home. You will fail.)

Chimpanzee Tries to Get Guy to Help Him Escape Zoo
Buttermilk The Leaping Goat
Self-Freezing Coke
Ghost Ride Da Wet Whip
Fancy Goat Walks on Two Legs
Hank Hill Goes Out to Dinner
Opening Beer Bottles the Manly Way
Cat Fixes Reading Glasses
Another Spidercat Defies Gravity
Girl Crushes Red Bull Can with Her Shoulder Blades
Amazing Trick Pick-Off Play
Genius Dog Can Now Climb Onto Counter
MIT Makes Ketchup Easier to Pour
Clothbot, The Clothes-Climbing Robot
Clever Dog Turns Fan On For Toys
Awesome Aussie Rules Football Catch

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