Japan may be an asian island in the pacific ocean, but it seems like it's on another planet. From anime, to school girls, to business men, vending machines, to videogames. They do things a little different in the land of the rising sun. By the way, the Japanese call it Nippon.

    Japanese Game Show Contestants Guess English Words
    Japanese Pastry Looks an Awful Lot Like a Vagina
    Please Don't Pee & Poop Sweater
    Perfect McDonald's Coffee Ad Placement
    F*ckin' Sale
    Seeking Japanese Swimsuit Model Turned Neurosurgeon
    Creepy Splits Race
    Cat ID Card
    Guy Kicks Girl in Face, Audience Applauds
    Bra and Panty Set for Men
    Woman in Kimono Cuddling with Giant Eel
    Weird Banana Man Shoots Bananas Out of His Nose
    Godzilla Plans Attack on Japan

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