Japan may be an asian island in the pacific ocean, but it seems like it's on another planet. From anime, to school girls, to business men, vending machines, to videogames. They do things a little different in the land of the rising sun. By the way, the Japanese call it Nippon.

    Japanese vs US Navy Recruitment Ads
    Japanese Ice Cream Robot
    The colonel gets promoted to samurai.
    Amazing Japanese Baseball Spiderman Catch
    Man Talks to Creepy Robot Baby
    Weird Boob Commercial for Green Tea
    Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Japanese Bowing
    A Completely Normal Japanese History of Justin Beiber
    China Reenacts Justin Bieber Internet Jokes
    Beautiful Japanese Sushi Commercial
    And we "hope" you don't die in a fiery crash.
    Japanese Itchy Groin Commercial
    Japanese Guy Puts Things in his Mouth on TV
    Bleep Bloop: Japanese Dating Simulator

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