Japan may be an asian island in the pacific ocean, but it seems like it's on another planet. From anime, to school girls, to business men, vending machines, to videogames. They do things a little different in the land of the rising sun. By the way, the Japanese call it Nippon.

Japanese Man Orders Whopper With 1,050 Bacon Strips
Japanese Speed Sushi-Making Machine
F***in' Japanese Sale
Polite Japanese Soccer Hooligans
Masturbation World Champion
WTF Japanese Software Commercial
Magic Japanese Candy
Siri Doesn't Understand Japanese People
Brutal Japanese Stair-Climbing Game Show
Japanese Salad Puncher
Godzilla Plans Attack on Japan
Japanese Power Ranger Prank Commercial
Japanese Table-Flipping Arcade Game
The Happiest Man in Japan
Styling Japanese Beach Bag

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