Japan may be an asian island in the pacific ocean, but it seems like it's on another planet. From anime, to school girls, to business men, vending machines, to videogames. They do things a little different in the land of the rising sun. By the way, the Japanese call it Nippon.

An Open Letter to Japan
Tarantino in a Japanese Commercial
Baseball Dance
Quentin Tarantino in a Japanese commercial
Insane Japanese Song Explains World Politics
Insane Commercial Somehow Sells Backpacks
F-Ing Enormous Costume
Japanese Baywatch Intro
Creepy Live Bert and Ernie
Games don't get more Japanese than this
Graphics Department on Vacation
Other Poorly Photoshopped Foreign Microsoft Ads
Ultimate Muscle Roller Legend
Japanese Face Dancing
Weird Japanese Guy is Sick at the Bass
That settles it, I'm moving to Japan

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