Looks Like Taco Bell's Employees Will Lick Your Food
    Do Not Lick Dinosaurs
    Dog Vs. Girl Tongue War
    Because it's not gay as long as you own it.
    The typo seems like a better threat anyway.
    It's their fault for smearing ice cream on the window.
    Well, that escalated quickly.
    This is all girls do in their free time.
    Your grandma is in the back there, miss.
    "Kids, we're taking a detour! Disney can wait."
    Lick it like it's psychedelic toad.
    Mmmmm.... make up-y.
    "Ok, so i was at a University of Kentucky Club Hockey game and me and i bet my friend he wouldn't lick the ref's helmet. He ended up doing it, so i had to get my chance. This is the actual picture of me licking his helmet while leaning over the plexi glas

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