Dead adult daughter,Yes, this is your parents' erotic massage jelly. We have a sex life too you know! You wouldn't find these things if you had your own apartment.Love,Mom and Dad.
    If this is a Deck the Gals submission, I don't get it.
    We went as girls who don't know how clothes work.
    Women love a guy who can make them laugh.
    There should be a Halloween II in May.
    What, no That Guy?
    Lingerie is French for "humminah humminah wah."
    The theme was lingerie for girls and boners for guys.
    "Some friends and I threw a lingerie and tequila body shots night.  All the guys wore thongs and the girls all wore some type of lingerie and body shots were mandatory." Parents having trouble motivating their children to get into college should show them

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