Frankly we're not even sure what a meme IS. Is it like a poster, but for the web?! All we know is we've been taking the advice animals literally and things have never been worse. We've got memes from tumblr, twitter, reddit. We've got funny memes, sad memes and sexy memes. We've also got way too much time on our hands.

    Nyan Cat Confession
    Nyan Cat IRL
    LOL Egg
    Pedobear Rules and Regulations
    Y U No Mingle Sign
    Romance Troll
    Want Some Chips?
    Nom Nom House
    The Most Annoying Cat in the World
    Watermelon Rage Face
    .gifs to the Maxim!
    They rankin' everybody out here
    You mess with 4chan, you get the horns
    Everything should come with captions

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