Frankly we're not even sure what a meme IS. Is it like a poster, but for the web?! All we know is we've been taking the advice animals literally and things have never been worse. We've got memes from tumblr, twitter, reddit. We've got funny memes, sad memes and sexy memes. We've also got way too much time on our hands.

    Dog Dressed as Antoine Dodson
    Nyan Cat License Plate
    Cat Shirt Has Bra Sunglasses
    The Ten Internet Plagues
    Lionel Richie Talks to Dog
    Mad Men Keep Calm Poster
    Student Owned by Professor on Facebook
    Gene Wilder, Gene Calmer
    Scumbag Adele
    Hotter Pockets
    Britney Spears Going Crazy: Angelina Jolie's Leg Edition
    Hitler Blankenshipped
    Today Show Blankenshipping
    Wedding Tebow
    Forever One

    Nothing found...

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