Ever since the first motion picture, films have told some of our greatest visual stories. Next time you're in a movie theatre, raise a bag of popcorn to the wonder that is cinema.

    Crime, it turns out, does take a vacation
    "Hey, it's the cane from Citizen Kane"
    2 tickets to Hungry Hungry Hippos, please
    The Dark Knight infiltrates a princess party.
    These have been evaluated by the FDA and the MPAA
    Storyboard for "The Dark Knight Boogies"
    You shall pass into behind the scenes of filming LOTR
    James Franco is only high on life and marijuana
    Other Awards That Should Have Been Given at the Oscars
    Dorkly Bits: The Koopa King's Speech
    And the .gif goes to...
    Honest Movie Titles: Oscars 2011
    Famous Film Continuity Errors
    Detroit gets the RoboCop statue it needs and deserves

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