Ever since the first motion picture, films have told some of our greatest visual stories. Next time you're in a movie theatre, raise a bag of popcorn to the wonder that is cinema.

    Transformer Statue Made of Car Parts
    Best College Movie
    Guy Looks Like Linguini from Ratatouille
    Thor Fumbles Hammer
    Beer Box AT-AT
    Orc Proves to be Poor Method of Seduction
    Creepy "Elf" Tattoo
    "Mr. Eccieston Rises N Loves Penis"
    Mitt Romney Looks Like Mayor of Whoville
    Batman vs. The Scarecrow
    Mufasa Wants to See Your Ass
    "Clerks" Boom Operator was Whoever Grabbed the Pole
    Netflix Has Strange Examples of "Romantic Movies"
    Bane Holds Up Picture of Batman Sucking Dick
    Closed Captioning "The Artist"

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