This just in: It's important to stay up to date on current events. Without the news, most of us would be uninformed on breaking stories and other noteworthy information, like which anchor or reporter dropped an "f-bomb" on live television.

    Cold Case Suspect
    The most alarming part is that no one took it seriously
    He's a shoe-in for adoption now
    Mean Traffic Report
    He's guilty. Just look at his eyes
    Senior Prank Prank
    Watchmen 1970 News Report
    Too Much Info on the Obamas
    Does this mean I can't get a Nolte credit card either?
    "98 mph in a 70 mph zone? I wish!"
    Snowmageddon '09
    I officially want to hang out at the White House
    Weather Cat
    New Halo?

    Nothing found...

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