Faceplants, broken ankles, shattered shinbones: Whether pre-meditated or not, we should all thank those who undergo pain, and the people who capture them on camera, because it's their physical fails that make our lives seem better.

    Australian Football Referee Gets 'Is Noggin Kicked In
    How to Lose a Horseback Riding Competition
    Going Up an Escalator the Wrong Way Fail
    Backflip Super Fail
    Groom Falls Off of a Horse
    Squirrel Jumps Right into Wall
    College Student Gets Hit by a Bus
    Guy Does Wasabi Challenge, Probably Damages Organs
    Knocked Out by a 7 lb Dildo
    Russian News Reporter Fail
    Fish Bites Cat
    Middle-Aged Man Beats Up 21-Year-Old
    Best Steeplechase Fail Ever
    Bicyclist Face Plants into Front Tire
    Library Chair Fail

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