Faceplants, broken ankles, shattered shinbones: Whether pre-meditated or not, we should all thank those who undergo pain, and the people who capture them on camera, because it's their physical fails that make our lives seem better.

Using Someone as a Human Golf Tee Somehow Goes Wrong
Guy Fails to Grind Bike, Hits Woman
Girl Completely Misses Jump
Lady Hit Directly by Soccer Ball
Guy Slips Off Dock; Friend Doesn't Care
Mascot Kills Self-esteem in ATV Crash
Russian Prank Show Goes Wrong
Backflip Fail
Guy Kicks Girl in Face, Audience Applauds
Girl Runs Into Toll Gate
Guy Leans Back Too Far on Motorcycle
Dodgeball Machine Hits a Guy in the Face
Polar bear fails to break through ice
Attempt at dive does not go as planned
Woman's Head Stuck in Doors
The Worst Leg Cramp Ever

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