Faceplants, broken ankles, shattered shinbones: Whether pre-meditated or not, we should all thank those who undergo pain, and the people who capture them on camera, because it's their physical fails that make our lives seem better.

Swinging Guy Breaks Swing Set
Lifting All the Groceries at Once
Lighter Trick Fail
Line Judge Hit in the Face with Tennis Ball
Kid and Gun Are a Surprisingly Bad Pair
Olympic Gymnast Falls on Her Face
The Biggest Fail of the 2012 Olympics
Guy Gets Stuck in Gym Equipment
Disco Parkour Fail
Kick Knocks Guy Out
Old Guy Hits Kid with Swing
Guy in Hair Ad Pokes Out Woman's Eyes
Maria Sharapova Hits Novak Djokovic in the Balls
Girl Doing Extreme Splits
Sexy Stripper Faceplant

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