Tushie Tuesday? Sign me up!
Grandmas Discover Photobooth
Here lies Emma Watson
Homie McG'pa
Internet, Lily Aldridge. Lily Aldrige, Internet.
I am suddenly interested in athletics
Isn't it time you ogled Scarlett Johansson today?
She's pretty hot, for a cookie elf
She's got legs and she knows how to use them (to walk)
Yeah she's hot, but I'm not sure she's Board Certified
This isn't a costume. She's stayed back for 6 years now.
Why do the hottest girls get with the douchiest sports?
Sarah Pipkin, as you've probably already seen her before
Selma's still got it, and by "it", I mean "those"
I just blue myself
Girls + Yoga = You know the drill

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