Anything is possible with photoshop. Photo manipulation makes even the ugliest people pretty. It's like plastic surgery for pictures. CS5 gives you the powers of a digital picture wizard.

    Iron Lady Meets Iron Man on Blu-Ray Cover
    Super Jacked Dude Might Not Actually Be That Jacked
    Photoshopped Flex
    Door Chain Lock Puzzle
    Backwards Butt Bikini
    Kool-Aid Man Crashes Into The Shining
    Horse On Half-Pipe
    Toilet Lounge Chair
    Gentleman Baby
    Little Mermaid Face Swap
    How to Fix a Stupid Girl in Photoshop
    Photoshop's New Hover Hand Tool
    Cobra Bro
    Girl Photoshops Waist
    Hadouken Blasts Through TV

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