Presidents, representatives, senators and mayors help the world turn. Though they don't always make it turn in the direction we want, they do give us the scandals and headlines we need to confirm that democracy and capitalism are so much cooler than dictatorships and communism.

    Camerican Dry
    Authentic American Chinese
    New York legalizes same-sex marriage
    This Is Sparta Sign
    Anthony Weiner Appears in Toast
    Anthony Weiner Press Conference Announcing Resignation
    Anthony Weiner Headline
    "Sorry" Politician Face
    News Thinks Tina Fey is Sarah Palin
    John Edwards indicted on misuse of campaign funds
    Igor Biden
    Illinois Senator Reads Letter From Wu-Tang Clan
    Voldemort bin Laden
    Error 404 Protest Sign
    Weirdly Racist Political Campaign

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