Bad Ad Placement in Magazine Makes Girl Look Like She's Pooping Her Brains Out
    McDonald's Wants You to Smile and Poop For Money
    It Was POO!
    Gorilla Launches Poop Grenade
    Pool Closed For Poop
    Cinderella Leaves A Surprise on the Stairs
    Here's a Horrific Picture: What Happens When You Fall Into Porta Potty
    Clearance Sale on Poop Pants and Aptly Named Items
    Please Don't Pee & Poop Sweater
    Nike Poop
    Sign Bandit Rewords Stop Signs
    The Best New Years Resolution So Far
    I Poop Glitter May Be the Worst Toy in History
    Someone Literally Left a Log in the Toilet
    Is That a Piece of Poo?

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