Ghost Turds
    Definitely Pick Up Your Dogs Poop
    Did You Mean Diarrhea or Dickhead?
    Photo Store Has a Bathroom Problem
    Baseball Fans Repelled by Baseball
    Jerk Elephant Throws Poop at Spectator
    Clean Up Your Dog Poop, or it Will be Thrown At You
    Coffee Taps Make Coffee Come out of Girls' Butts
    Snail Costume Labeled "Pile of Poop with Antlers.jpg"
    Pooped Crisps
    Excrement Cushion
    Leprechaun Enjoys Pot of Gold Labeled "Septic"
    Olympic Divers on the Toilet
    If Your Dog Does a Poo Please Put it in a Litter Bin
    Seagulls Crap on Guy Buried in Sand

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