Everyone enjoys a good a prank or practical joke. Everyone, of course, but the person who the gag is being played on.

    Sit on a Barbed Wire Dildo
    12 Graduation Stunts That Made Commencement Less Boring
    I Superglued Her Door Shut
    I Farted On Your Face While You Slept
    I Got My Roommate Kicked Out of His Church
    Twitter Prank: Text Your Parents "got 2 grams for $40"
    Don't Ever Live With Someone From Work
    You Break My Snowboard, I Break You
    The Gorilla in Booty Shorts
    Special Cookies and the Taco Massacre
    Classroom Prank Ruined By Smart Teacher
    American Eagle Outfitters' Skinny Skinny Jeans Prank
    This is How The Internet Does April Fools
    A Comprehensive Guide to Prank Channels on YouTube
    Best Prank of the Year

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