From saran wrapped toilets to scaring the pants off of people to shaving cream in the hand, we've got all the classics. We've got funny pranks and pranks gone horribly wrong. Remember: if you're not doing the pranking you're probably the prankee. We're 99% positive that's a word, btw.

    Perfect Bathroom Sticker Prank to Make People Look Like Idiots
    I Peed in Your Laundry Detergent
    Amazing HDTV Job Interview Prank
    That Wasn't Your Cat's Poop
    Your Roommate Isn't as Bad As These Roommates
    Collapsing Football Team Prank
    I'm the Reason You're Balding
    The Most Painful Prank Imaginable
    Panhandler Pranks Entire Subway Car
    Pasta With A Side of Foot
    Scrambled Eggs With a Side of Phlegm
    Watch People Fall for the Most Genius GPS Prank
    That Wasn't Real Weed
    Who Doesn't Flick Their Boogers?

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