Everyone enjoys a good a prank or practical joke. Everyone, of course, but the person who the gag is being played on.

    "When my roommate left for the weekend, I started to super glue a few cans to his desk.  263 Cans two and a half tubes of liquid nails, and 4 things of superglue later we have his whole desk covered, burying everything!"
    "He really did walk into it!"
    "My roommate and I have an ongoing war with the boys who have the window across from ours. We play jokes on one another constantly. We were short on ideas so we cut up ten million little pieces of paper and while they were out made it "snow" in their room
    The old classic prank "detergent in the fountain."
    "Sucks to work at Wendy's"
    "We'd been fighting with this girl on the floor above us, so we settled the score by duct taping her into her room. This is a picture she took from the inside, of what she saw when she opened her door."
    "They weren't too happy with this boredom induced prank"

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