10 Reasons Being a Redhead is the WORST
    40¢ Buys More Than You Think
    Australian Sunburn
    Beware of the ginger red harvest moon
    "...which is why all the red stripes are missing."
    Know what you need? Some time in the freezer.
    Great Dr. Zoidberg costume.
    I don't understand what happened, I wore my goggles!
    He's blushing.
    "This is what happens when a freshman passes out at a beach party." If he does something like this within days of arrival, imagine what the next four years have in store for him.
    Ouch, that's smarts!
    "Drinks + Asian friend = Tomato"
    "15 Gallons of Kool Aid, 1 Handle of Everclear, 2 Handles of Vodka, 1 Litre of Coconut Rum, and a trip to your local hardware store can make a very interesting night.  Along with cleaning up red vomit stains until 6 am."

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