Movies, TV shows and songs are all good, but sometimes they can be improved. With clever editing, remixes can make completely new works of art from pre-existing material. Music remixes have become so popular they've become their own genre: mashups.

    So THAT'S what Lindsay Lohan's lawyer was saying
    The question is how far forward does she go?
    Pilgrim Chair Girl. How far back does she go?!?
    Chair Lady 'round the world!
    The Packers finally replaced Brett Favre.
    Remix: Peppermint Pattie Meets Requiem For A Dream
    He saved Trinity. What more do you want?
    Invictus With Vuvuzela Horns
    Unanswered Lost Questions
    More like Sexy and the Sh*tty. AM I RIGHT BOYS!?
    Picture Remix (May 5, 2010)

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