When somebody fails, we all fail as humans. The only way a failure is going to learn is by feeling guilty, and the best way to make someone feel guilty is with good old fashioned humiliation.

    That's Scottie Pippin underneath that mess.
    Hint: look for the foot
    "Forty five minutes after he woke up, he freed a hand and cut himself loose with a paring knife.  He then went on a rampage with a fire extinguisher.  And those are pans with silverware on his back to let us know when he wakes up."
    The Green Goblin hit him with some knockout gas!
    That night, he dreamt he had cancer.
    Be careful in a house with Captain Morgan pirate hats.
    Real shamers would have gone with used toilet paper.
    A simple, yet disgusting, shaming.
    Terrible tattoo.
    Why Sharpie's "shaming 3-pack" includes a silver.

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