When somebody fails, we all fail as humans. The only way a failure is going to learn is by feeling guilty, and the best way to make someone feel guilty is with good old fashioned humiliation.

    "Let's just say he woke up w/o his beltloops."
    Shaming, Biker Boyzzzzz style.
    "I went home from school one weekend to take care of some things, only to find my brother dragging his obscenely drunk friend into the house.  After throwing up all over himself and wetting his pants, he passed out on our futon."
    Better than a mullet( got shaved when passed out)
    Guess why we put this one up.
    "Can we say BLACKED OUT!!!!!"
    "Putting Warren Wilson College on the Map. A school of 750 kids can get pretty wild. One of our dorms just burned down. Now we all have asbestos poisoning." What?

    Nothing found...

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