Win, lose, or draw, the sports section is home to the funniest sports stuff on the internet. We even have a picture of that time your sister threw a baseball at your face the day before middle school started. Who would have ever thought she'd grow up to b

    NFL Player is Kraken from Hogwarts
    Girl Disgusted by Hockey Player Drinking Gatorade
    I Will Always Love You (Crying NFL Player Edition)
    Drunk Chicago Bears Fans Footrace (WARNING: Midwestern Accents)
    Guy Enthusiastically Cheers on Football Team Eating a Turkey Leg
    Ankle-Breaking Basketball Crossover
    Girl Plays Table Tennis on Wii Next to Real Thing
    Orlando Franklin's Game Face Looks Like a Deer Caught in Headlights
    Ridiculously Photogenic Bungee Jumper
    Saint's Football Player Drew Brees' Neck Has Gone All Stretch Armstrong
    Husky High Fives Northern Illinois Cheerleader Like It's NBD
    Eagles Player Steals Redskins Fan's Flag
    Creepy Man Tickles NFL Player on the Sideline
    Cheerleader Making One Intense Facial Expression
    Using The BCS Formula For All of Life's Decisions

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