Win, lose, or draw, the sports section is home to the funniest sports stuff on the internet. We even have a picture of that time your sister threw a baseball at your face the day before middle school started. Who would have ever thought she'd grow up to b

    Bowling is a classy game and you guys are ruining it.
    Penis in the lead!
    CH Sports Weekly: We Would Leave the Knicks, Too
    CH Sports Weekly: Overhyping the Texans/Raiders Game
    CH Sports Weekly: Now Playing in London!
    That's why you shouldn't need to wear a helmet.
    CH Sports Weekly: Reportedly Cleaning Out Our Locker
    CH Sports Weekly: Now Without Reading!
    I'm a superfan, and I don't care who knows it!
    CH Sports Weekly: NHL Preview Edition!
    CH Sports Weekly: CLICK-CLACK!
    CH Sports Weekly: Only Charged with Eight Felonies.

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