Havin' a blast... but where is his right hand??
    Squirrel loungin' on fence.  Irrestably cute.
    Squirrels Just Wanna Have Fun!
    "This squirrel managed to get it's head stuck in a streetlight last september at Elon University.  We thought it was funny so we took a picture.  5 months later it's just gross."
    "I was walking to class at THE Ohio State University when I saw this squirrel hanging from the tree. I later put up the signs, and the overnight snow added a delightfully tragic effect."
    What does a gay horse eat? "Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!!"
    "This guy Nick on my floor took a squirrel that had been run over for over a week, and put it on this guy's dorm room door as a joke. Let's just say that a dead squirrel and Lysol don't go together well."

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