Obnoxious Guy Practically Begs to Get Tased, Gets Tased
Kiddie Tazer Toy
Magic Gender-Changing Taser
Woman Uses Taser At NASCAR Event
"My friend Cree was at the University of Colorado, Boulder, in the crowd of protesters. He got hit in the forehead with a rubber bullet. You can see the welt forming on his forehead. After that he was irate at them and eventually got maced and then tasere
Phillies Fan Gets Tased For Running On Field
Taser Surprise
Brother Cattle Prods Brother
WoW Nerd Arrested And Tasered
Taser Chair Prank
"I just hit you with 40,000 volts. Gotcha!"
Chewbacca Gets Stunned
Don't Taze Me, Rap!
UF Student Tasered

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