Scary biker dudes and military personnel aren't the only people getting tatted up. Now, thanks to tattoo innovations such as tramp stamps, Chinese symbol, barbed wires, tribal signs, and clean needles, anyone who can afford it, tolerate pain, and be all right with having something permanently drawn onto their body is getting ink.

    Cheap Tattoo Removal
    Creepy Guy Has Brenda Tattooed All Over His Back
    This Tattoo is Definitely Photoshopped
    Wrestler's Mustache Tattoo Reaches Its Potential
    Tattoo Reminds Guy How Shocker Works
    Woman Has Tramp Stamp of Giant Dick
    Horrible Steelers Tattoo
    Street Smurfs
    Tribal Unicorn Tattoo
    Creepy "Elf" Tattoo
    Naked Girl with Video Game Tattoos
    Nothing Last's Forever
    "Your" Not Better than Me Tattoo
    Live Slow, Die Whenever Sloth Tattoo
    Beetlejuice Tattoo Fail

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