Scary biker dudes and military personnel aren't the only people getting tatted up. Now, thanks to tattoo innovations such as tramp stamps, Chinese symbol, barbed wires, tribal signs, and clean needles, anyone who can afford it, tolerate pain, and be all right with having something permanently drawn onto their body is getting ink.

    Emergency Tattoo

    Emergency Tattoo

    Mom Gets Demon Child Tattoo
    Bioshock Tattoo
    Girl Gets Poop Tattooed On Back
    Don't Mess With Pizza Tattoo
    Bro Tattoos
    Cute Girl With Armpit Shark Tattoo
    Disgusting Twilight Tattoo On Thigh
    Pegasus Tattoo Takes A Turn For The Worse
    X-Files Tattoo
    Hadouken Tattoo
    Twilight Tattoo
    Thumbs Up Tattoo
    Seemingly Harmless Elephant Tattoo
    Penis Scale Tattoo

    Nothing found...

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