that guy

That Guy is a special creature that lurks in the background of parties and important events, waiting till just the right moment to spring out and photobomb the crap out of people's memories.

    The chick on the left totally just farted.
    THAT GUY is Union spy scum!
    The most clever "that guy" to date. So screw you girls who "don't want their dad" in the picture because he's too "drunk" and they want to put this on "the facebook".
    That's no "that guy". They're conjoined triplets.
    He'll grow up to be a wonderful "That Guy" some day
    Don't laugh! He suffers from phunny face syndrome.
    He only shows up in photographs, not in real life.
    Bravo That Guy. Bravo.
    This is their posed prom picture.
    That guy's fist pumping arm is pretty far from his body.

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