too much time

Too much time doesn't even begin to describe it.
Billiard Trick Shots
"Astro Turf and Spray Paint made for the Super Bowl of drinking games.  It was like playing Quarters, but you only get 4 downs, each cup had a yard value depending on its level of difficulty to reach (2 ten yarders, 1 twenty yarder, and one 30 yarder).  F
Our auto-virginometer is complete!
K'Nex Coaster
Rainy Sunday fun with flies and matches.
It's not often we toss around the word hero, but whoever went around the library at the University of Waterloo and closed the window shades to spell out FUCK, well...
Rainy day fun with the sink and a ping pong ball!
"I once wrote a poem about Tetris. 'nuff said."

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