Before you could zone out in front of the Internet, you had to zone out in front of television. Now you can zone out in front of both. We live in a marvelous age.

    Planking in Front of Erik Estrada
    Flowchart: How Well You'll Do in Prison
    Star Trek: Unforeseen Consequences
    Breaking Bad RPG

    Breaking Bad RPG

    Troy "The TV Man" Thompson and His Trademark Wacky Antics
    Dude Rocks Strange Circular Haircut on TV
    TMZ 2

    TMZ 2

    Principal Belding Videobombs Monday Night RAW
    Slippery Weather Boobs
    Breaking News: Guy Moons News Camera
    Guy Takes TV for a Walk
    Dr. Phil is Watching You
    Lady Thinks Earthquake is Neighbor's Donkey

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