They're both so hot. Please don't make me choose
    This is the porno equivalent of Snakes on a Plane.
    I was so drunk, I spent 20 minutes flirting with her.
    'Kill... me....'
    One day I will destroy you all.
    If tragedy is funny, this picture's hilarious.
    I like those odds!
    Joakim Noah of the UF Gators vs. The World's Ugliest Dog
    Check out those DSL.
    "I'm sure you've gotten plenty of submissions with the so called world's ugliest dog, but has anyone pointed out the dog's resemblance to actor, Steve Buscemi?"
    "Needless to say, the girl was less than attractive."
    "Looks kinda like your mom."
    "Tom Cruise didn't always work with Steven Spielberg."
    Tom Cruise, she's all yours.

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