A powerful step on the road for gender equality.
If just looking is a faux pas, what's taking a picture?
Sometimes you have to read between the lines.
The flusher makes it look like it's winking.
Clown Urinal
Hardly Working: Toilet Humor
"When you piss on it, you score."
Worst job ever? Urinal goalie.
I'd be impressed if someone could use both at once.
"I'm at Denny's with some friends and one of them comes back from the bathroom saying something about the towel dispenser landing in the stall while he was in there. He said, while he was on the toilet, some biker looking guy got mad because there were no
"i walked into a mcdonalds washroom and there was an old man sitting on the urinal taking a dump, so i hid in the stall and took a picture with my camera phone..."

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