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Want to 1-Up your CollegeHumor experience? There's a hidden level on the site now: The gaming section. A handy place to go online if you're bored with the cute animals and skateboard accidents and want to get right to the good stuff.

    Why People Think Video Games Are Just For Boys
    Dating Someone Older: Expectation vs. Reality
    7 Street Fighter Sex Moves
    Every JRPG Ever

    Every JRPG Ever

    Designer Imagines If Nintendo Made A Smartphone
    This Guy Made a Huge Super Mario Bros Map Out of Yarn
    Woman Comes Out Of Surgery With An Obsession For Pacman
    Mortal Kombat Sex Moves
    Someone Made A Perfect 'Breaking Bad' Tribute In GTA V
    The Worst Video Game Controller Ever Made
    CHART: Real Life vs. Video Games

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